YouTube Videos Discover Islam

The YouTube videos are short clips referring to our gift packs and many other topics. We also have very basic educational cartoon series which can aid many of our visual and audio learners instead of reading just our literature work. This provides a diverse range of material adapting to different types of learners. Here, the most interesting part of this cartoon series is our two adorable characters, Alex and Yusuf. They illustrate such a beautiful bond of friendship and understanding without being judgemental about the differences in how they live their individual lives. Our team is using YouTube to answer basic queries one may have. If you want to introduce your children to Allah SWT, then you can use our beneficial and productive clips.

Our youtube collection

Explore what we are doing on youtube. Click the series below and get started.

Cartoon Series – What is Islam?​

What is Islam? How is it pronounced? And what does the word mean? The team discusses the term, ‘Islam’.

Cartoon Series – 5 Pillars of Islam?​

Yusuf is delivering a presentation on the topic of, ‘5 Pillars of Islam’.

Cartoon Series – Why Did God Send Prophets?

Yusuf Talks about ‘Why did Allah send Prophets?’ What do Muslims believe about it?


A brief clip about what is learnt from the exhibition and the visitors positives experience learning about Islam.

Gift pack series

A short clip on sharing gifts, giving others the best from what you own and how we should not be shy to speak about Allah.


In this video, Imam Wasim Kempson, speaks about the Prophets in Islam and gives an introduction on Prophet Eesa (Jesus) and Prophet Musa (Moses).