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YouTube Videos by Discover Islam. Infact, these are are short clips. These videos are about our gift packs. And many other aspects. Besides this we have basic informative cartoon series. As literature, and videos are equally important. Inspite of reading, they can watch videos. So, listen, and watch our videos to get the message. Here the most interesting part is a cartoon series. Two adorable characters, Alex and Yousuf. These two guys are giving a very basic information that the non Muslims must have. Moreover, we are using this most influential medium. Our team is using YouTube to answer the basic queries. These are brief, but engaging. Consequently, your kids can watch these productive clips. For instance, if you want to introduce your kid to Allah SWT. Here is a video about Islam and Allah SWT.

Our youtube collection

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Cartoon Series – What is Islam?​

What is Islam? How is it pronounced? And what does the word mean? Moreover, the team discusses the term Islam.

Cartoon Series – 5 Pillars of Islam?​

Yusuf is delivering a presentation. Furthermore, on the topic ‘5 Pillars of Islam.

Cartoon Series – Why Did God Send Prophets?

Yusuf Talks about ‘Why did Allah send Prophets?’ What do Muslims believe about it?


A brief about what is learnt from the exhibition. Moreover, visitors positive experience about learning about Islam.

Gift pack series

A short clip on sharing gifts, sharing the best you have with others. We should not be shy to speak about Allah.


Imam Wasim Kempson talks about Prophets. Here he gives an introduction to Eesa (Jesus). Besdies with him, he tells about Prophet Musa (MOSES) peace be upon them.