Discover Islam specialises in providing bespoke services for Primary & Secondary Schools, Colleges and Educational Institutes.

As part of School’s RE Syllabus, we organise Mosque Tours, Exhibitions, Presentations on Islam along with Question & Answer sessions. We have had thousands of students benefit from our presentations and tours up and down the country; England, Scotland and Ireland.

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    Note: Discover Islam will charge an amount of £50 per school visit/presentation. You will be charged this amount after your booking has been confirmed by the team.


    The experience of visiting a mosque can help children greatly to learn more about the Islamic faith. Schools plan visits as part of their Religious Education curriculum and academics visit for historical and research purposes. Over the years, we have managed to arrange hundreds of mosque tours.

    School visits take between 60-90 minutes, depending on the number of pupils and the purpose of the visit. We begin the visit with a tour of the facilities, a brief introduction of the Islamic faith and a ‘question and answer’ session if desired by the school. We also show our animations called, ‘basics of Islam’ and ‘the prophets in Islam’ and more.

    “Feedback has been great, all of the schools recommend us to others.”

    Ramadan Guidance for Schools 2023

    Our expertise in conveying sound and peaceful knowledge on the religion of Islam in schools has allowed us to excel vastly in this field.

    We are also proud to be the only Islamic organisation that has a standing member who is part of various SACRE (Standing Advisory Council for Religious Education) and by doing so have great experience in streamlining the RE syllabus specific to Islam.


    Discover Islam offers a structured bespoke religious education service that caters for the needs of all primary, secondary schools and colleges.
    We have produced not only our own literature, but a full-length animation detailing the basic tenants of Islam, ‘The five Pillar’ as well as ‘The Prophets’ in Islam. Each animation is shown as a presentation and detailing on how Muslims pray.
    The pupils are more than welcome to interact through our ‘Question and Answer’ sessions which is facilitated at the end of the presentation, however this can be tailored to the need of each school. Discover Islam visiting schools is an effective way of learning as it can help children learn about other faiths in a more interdependent way.

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    A society with a strong foundation and compassion will conquer heights similar to Mount Everest, and a strong foundation can only be built on good understanding of the people around you. In order for us to be a collected society, it is critical for us to have deeper insight of each other.
    Discover Islam is one of the main organisations delivering this kind of service to the U.K and Ireland. Discover Islam organises illustrative Islamic and cultural exhibitions from a learning perspective. It gives an insight into the Islamic faith as well as creating an environment of openness and willingness. The exhibition provides the visitor with an opportunity to learn about Islam, clarify a point and ask questions on a one to one basis.
    The exhibition has an attractive array of A1 posters with 3m x 2m bespoke banners on Makkah, Madina and Baitul Maqdis (Jerusalem). Every visitor receives a gift bag containing a copy of the Holy Qur’an (Religious book for Muslims), book on Islam, Seerah Booklet (life of Prophet Muhammad peace be upon him) and other gift items. We also showcase the Islamic culture by displaying various artefacts, Islamic paintings, Islamic calligraphy, Arabic name writing and Islamic cultural dress. In addition to this, we exhibit a range of copies of the Holy Qur’an in different translations.
    Discover Islam has been able to organise over 100 exhibitions and over 20,000 have visited thus far, we coordinate these events all over the United Kingdom and Ireland. These exhibitions are organised FREE OF CHARGE.


    On the requests of schools, colleges and universities, we offer our presentations which are dedicated to educating people about the true message of Islam and promoting a better understanding as well as clearing any misconceptions.

    The cartoon animations have been televised on various TV channels and have had a huge success on YouTube with 1 million views! It is also part of our lesson delivery at any school, course or Mosque tours.

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    Let the teachers have their say!
    1Sarah Hayes - The Boswells School - Chelmsford

    Thank you so much for the presentation this morning. It was superb and we will be in touch to have you in again in the near future.

    2Sue Halliwell - St. Michal's C of E (VA) Primary School - Hertfordshire

    Year 5 found your visit very interesting and really enjoyed finding out how to write their names in Arabic.

    3Daniel Ryan - NET Academies Trust - Buckinghamshire

    Personally, myself the other teachers and the pupils really enjoyed the morning and many children commented on the way back just how much they learned. Even the parents who came with us said that their eyes had been opened as they learned things about Islam that they didn’t know before.
    I know that doesn’t give you any ways to improve, but I really think it was a very well organised visit.

    1Kirsty Packham - Ocklands Primary School - London

    Thank you so much for welcoming the children yesterday. They had a great time and seemed to learn a lot, as did Year 1 when they visited last term.

    2Madeleine Miller - St Paul's School - London

    Thank you so much for your hospitality yesterday. We had an excellent time and the boys really enjoyed their visit. I look forward to seeing you with another group next year.

    3Amy Goodridge - Brackenbury Primary School London

    Excellent, thanks you very much. It was very informative and it was great to see the praying session. The children really enjoyed it and learned a lot.


    We have developed great resources for all teachers, including a complete set of KS1-KS4 teaching pack containing:

    • 5 pillars of Islam with Alex & Yusuf (DVD)
    • The Prophets with special episodes on ‘The Mosque’, The pilgrimage and more covering RE syllabus topics.
    • Student Activity Pack
    • KS1 Syllabus with presentation slides

    – KS3-KS4 will also be available soon.

    Mix kids


    At Discover Islam, we want to make a difference by educating people about the true message of Islam and promoting a better understanding of the religion & clear misconceptions.

    We are on the leading organizations working towards promoting a better understanding of Islam hire our new informative creative and thought-provoking exhibition comprising beautifully design posters bespoke banners and artefacts.

    Simply fill out the above short form, let us know what services you like to book and you are done. We will get back to you asap.

    Frequently Asked Questions

    1What is a school visit?

    As a part of the school religious education syllabus, we organise mosque tours, exhibitions, presentations and question and answer sessions. Throughout the country, we have had thousands of students benefit from our resources and tours. Each session can have between 27-600 students who can benefit from our presentations.

    2Donate options for School?

    1 School Visit £50
    5 School Visit £250

    10+ (they should be able to write the no of visits they would like to donate for & that figure then gets multiplied with £50)

    3School Pack contains?

    5 Pillars / Prophet's DVD
    Religious education syllabus specific to Islam
    Presentation pack
    Activity booklet

    1 school pack £50
    5 school packs £250
    10 school packs £500


    5 x Holy Quran is £10
    5 x Pictorial guide on the life of Prophet Muhammad £20
    5 x Pictorial guide on the life of Prophet Muhammad £20