Discover Islam specialises in providing bespoke services for Primary & Secondary Schools, Colleges and Educational Institutes.

As part of School’s RE Syllabus, we organise Mosque Tours, Exhibitions, Presentations on Islam along with Question & Answer sessions. We have had thousands of students benefit from our presentations and tours up and down the country; England, Scotland and Ireland.

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    Our expertise in conveying sound and peaceful knowledge on the religion of Islam in schools has allowed us to excel in this specific field. All of our staff members are experienced within the school system.

    We are also proud to be the only Islamic organisation that has a standing member who is part of various SACRE (Standing Advisory Council for Religious Education) and by doing so have great experience in streamlining the RE syllabus specific to Islam.

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    Discover Islam offers a structured bespoke Religious Education service that caters for the needs of all primary and secondary schools or even a College.

    We have produced not only literature but full-length animation detailing the basic tenants of Islam, ‘The Five Pillar ‘ as well as ‘The Prophets’ in Islam. Each animation is shown as a presentation and demonstrations are given on how a Muslim prays.

    The pupils are allowed to interact through Question and Answers sessions which normally comes at the end but this can be facilitated to each school need. The experience of Discover Islam visiting schools is a direct way of learning and can help the children learn about other faiths in a more interacted and fun way.

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    See what teachers say about us
    1Sarah Hayes - The Boswells School - Chelmsford

    Thank you so much for the presentation this morning. It was superb and we will be in touch to have you in again in the near future.

    2Sue Halliwell - St. Michal's C of E (VA) Primary School - Hertfordshire

    Year 5 found your visit very interesting and really enjoyed finding out how to write their names in Arabic.

    3Daniel Ryan - NET Academies Trust - Buckinghamshire

    Personally, myself the other teachers and the pupils really enjoyed the morning and many children commented on the way back just how much they learned. Even the parents who came with us said that their eyes had been opened as they learned things about Islam that they didn’t know before.
    I know that doesn’t give you any ways to improve, but I really think it was a very well organised visit.

    1Kirsty Packham - Ocklands Primary School - London

    Thank you so much for welcoming the children yesterday. They had a great time and seemed to learn a lot, as did Year 1 when they visited last term.

    2Madeleine Miller - St Paul's School - London

    Thank you so much for your hospitality yesterday. We had an excellent time and the boys really enjoyed their visit. I look forward to seeing you with another group next year.

    3Amy Goodridge - Brackenbury Primary School London

    Excellent, thanks you very much. It was very informative and it was great to see the praying session. The children really enjoyed it and learned a lot.


    We have developed a great resource for all the teachers, a complete set of KS1-KS4 teaching pack containing:

    • 5 pillars of Islam with Alex & Yusuf (DVD)
    • The Prophets with special episodes on ‘The Mosque’, The pilgrimage and more covering RE syllabus topics.
    • Student Activity Pack
    • KS1 Syllabus with presentation slides

    – KS3-KS4 will also be available soon.

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    The experience of visiting a mosque can help children greatly to learn more about the Islamic faith. Schools plan visits as part of their Religious Education curriculum and academics visit for historical and research purposes. Over the years, we have managed to arrange hundreds of mosque tours.

    School visits take approximately 60 – 90 mins depending on the number of pupils and the primary purpose of the visit however we provide bespoke service which suits the best to your needs. The visit normally starts with a tour of the facility, a brief introduction of the Islamic Faith followed by a ‘Question & Answer’ session (if required). Also, we show children Discover Islam cartoons about the Basics of Islam, The Prophets in Islam and more.

    “Feedback has been great, all of the schools recommend us to others.”

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    Simply fill out this short form, let us know what services you like to book and you are done. We will get back to you asap.


    The children will be shown a colourful animation covering the 5 Pillars of Islam and in our Q&A Sessions, we answer all sort of questions like

    • What does a Muslim believe in and who is Allah?
    • Why and how does a Muslim pray?
    • Why does a Muslim have to give Charity and why is it important to do so?
    • Why does a Muslim Fast for a whole month once a year and what are the benefits of fasting?
    • Why does a Muslim go for Pilgrimage, what does he/she do and to where do they go?
    • How Muslims believe in all the Prophets including the Final Prophet Muhammad and who he was?


    Discover Islam fully participates and promotes inter-faith initiatives to support and promote social cohesion and to further enrich the diverse fabric of a rich multicultural and modern-day society.

    Discover Islam sends one of its representatives to Interfaith Panels taking place at various locations up and down the UK and answer questions relating to Islam.