Knowledge changes everything​

We believe discussion is an exchange of knowledge.

Discover Islam is a registered charity and a rapidly growing organisation which aims to clear the misconceptions about Islam. Muslims and non-Muslims are both equally welcome to our exhibitions and seminars and we believe the true message will not only reach but benefit the non-Muslims.
We believe discussion is an exchange of gaining knowledge and it is one of the greatest tool we have to promote a change within our society. Through advocating for peace, we are working together for a better future.
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Our Islamic, cultural exhibitions are organised in an informative and insightful manner to create a warm and open environment for the visitors. It is a vital part of the exhibition to have beautiful visual aids such as: bespoke banners, artefacts and posters.

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School Presentation

School Events

Our most popular service amongst schools is a well-structured and compelling tour guide around different Mosques. We receive school visits regularly as Islam is part of the religious education syllabus which centres on the subject of ‘world religions’. Discover Islam specialises in providing bespoke services for all schools, colleges and educational institutes.


We send our own written Islamic literature to all educational institutes (universities, colleges, all schools, celebrities, government officials and prisoners)

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January 5, 2023
Discover Islam in Qatar
The football world cup is a celebration of humanity. During the world cup, we played a small part in this festival of life, helping thousands of […]
November 16, 2022
Discover Islam at Chelmsford Central Mosque
Discover Islam at Chelmsford Central Mosque Over the weekend, the Chelmsford Central Mosque welcomed its neighbours from diverse backgrounds for an exhibition curated by Discover Islam […]
October 24, 2022
St. Michael’s Catholic Grammar School tour of Islamic Association of North London
Thank You For Visiting Us We had an amazing interaction with children and teachers of St. Michael’s Catholic Grammar School during their recent tour of Islamic […]

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See what teachers say about us
1Amy Goodridge, Brackenbury Primary School, London

Excellent, thank you very much. It was very informative and it was great to see the praying session. The children really enjoyed it and learned a lot.

2Jamie Kalychurn, Exhibition at Lambeth Town Hall, London

I have had the most amazing and informative day. I have been given a great welcome and have enjoyed the information and presentation which have opened my eyes to Islam. Thank you to the organization.

3Daniel Ryan - NET Academies Trust - Buckinghamshire

Personally, myself the other teachers and the pupils really enjoyed the morning and many children commented on the way back just how much they learned. Even the parents who came with us said that their eyes had been opened as they learned things about Islam that they didn’t know before.
I know that doesn’t give you any ways to improve, but I really think it was a very well organised visit.

Youtube Series

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Gift pack series

A short clip on sharing gifts, sharing the best you have with others. We should not be shy to speak about Allah.


Imam Wasim Kempson talks about Prophet Eesa (Jesus) and Prophet Musa (MOSES) peace be upon them


Imam Wasim Kempson talks about Prophet Eesa (Jesus) and Prophet Musa (MOSES) peace be upon them

Cartoon Series – What is Islam?​

What is Islam… how is it pronounced and what does the word mean? The team discusses the term Islam.

Cartoon Series – 5 Pillars of Islam?​

Yusuf is delivering a presentation on the topic ‘5 Pillars of Islam.

Cartoon Series – Why Did God Send Prophets?

Yusuf Talks about ‘Why did Allah send Prophets? What do Muslims believe about it.