Discover Islam A Registered Charity

Discover Islam is a registered charity who are committed to bring peace and creating harmony. We also intend to clear and eradicate misconceptions one may have about Islam as well as spreading goodwill.

We are dedicated to educate people from all backgrounds about the true message of Islam and to promote a better understanding.

Our mission is to develop a relationship between you and Allah SWT and here you will come to know about our working.

Certainly, Islam is spreading peace and respect to every single human being.

8 Years of Achievements

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Visitors to our exhibitions & Islam awareness weeks
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Students served by school visits, presentations and mosque tours
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Youtube views of our cartoons covering RE Syllabus

Building long-term relationships

  • 8+ years of experience
  • Lifesaving impact in UK, Ireland & Europe
  • 100+ volunteers assisting more than a million people each year

Working for a better, brighter future

  • Promoting better understanding of Islam
  • Clearing the common misconceptions about the religion
  • Creative & innovative approach


Our aim is to serve the non-Muslim community in the UK by providing educational material about Islam and hosting numerous events from Islamic exhibitions, interfaith panels, lectures and Islam Awareness Week in universities, colleges, schools and libraries.


Discover Islam has a dedicated team, committed to the serve the community. Our team is a combination of full-time and part-time staff and volunteers.

Abubakar Noor

Acting Directing Manager
Forward is the only direction in which positive progress can be made.

Stephano Akram

Sales Representative


Admin and Operations


Marketing and Fundraising