About Us Discover Islam And Registered Charity

About Us Discover Islam is a Registered Charity. It has commitment to bringing about Peace . We aim at creating harmony. Discover Islam spreads goodwill . So, knowledge of Islam will clear misconceptions.

We are dedicated to educate people. The true message of Islam needs to spread among non- Muslims. It is important to promote a better understanding of Islam. We focus on clearing misconceptions about Islam.

Our mission is to develop a relationship between you and Allah SWT. Here in about us section, you will come to know about our working.

Certainly, Islam is spreading the peace and respect to every single human being.

Moreover, at this platform, we offer free Islamic literature. Our team consists of passionate and problem solvers. The team of discover Islam is working effortlessly. And eager to participate in the betterment of the society. 

School Visits
Corp Events

Building long-term relationships

8+ years of experience
Lifesaving impact in UK, Ireland & Europe
100+ volunteers assisting more than a million people each year

Working for a better, brighter future

Promoting better understanding of Islam
Clearing the common misconceptions about the religion
Creative & innovative approach