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Join us in fostering a deeper appreciation and understanding of Islam within school communities across the UK and Ireland. Discover Islam is at the forefront of educational outreach, bringing enriching presentations, cultural exhibitions, and immersive learning experiences directly to schools, colleges, and universities.

Together, we can dispel misconceptions and build bridges of harmony and mutual respect through education. Support this vital initiative today and be a part of crafting a more inclusive, knowledgeable, and united society.

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Sponsor a Journey of Islamic Discovery in Schools

Discover Islam is on a mission to foster understanding and harmony by bringing bespoke religious education to schools and colleges. Help us continue to craft enlightening resources such as our exclusive literature and educational animations on the core tenets of Islam, which includes captivating presentations on ‘The Five Pillars’ and ‘The Prophets’ in Islam.

Your generous donation will enable us to visit more schools, encouraging an interactive learning experience through Q&A sessions, tailored to meet the unique needs of each school. Together, we can nurture a more inclusive and informed generation.

Donate now and be a part of this vital educational journey!

School Presentation

Cultivate Islamic Understanding: Support Our Educational Outreach

Support Our Educational Outreach Program:

Despite the challenges, we remain committed to bringing enlightening presentations to schools, colleges, and universities at their request. Our initiative focuses on imparting the true essence of Islam, dispelling misconceptions and fostering a deeper understanding among students.

Our animated series, which elucidates the core principles of Islam, has not only enjoyed a successful stint on various TV channels but has also amassed over 1 million views on YouTube! These animations play a vital role in our educational sessions, whether held at schools, during courses, or Mosque tours.

With your generous donations, we can continue this successful journey, reaching more educational institutions and promoting unity and understanding through knowledge. Support us today, and be a part of this meaningful endeavor!

Support Our Islamic Cultural Exhibitions

Help us build a society grounded in understanding and compassion with Discover Islam’s educational exhibitions. We are dedicated to fostering a deeper insight into Islamic culture and faith throughout the U.K and Ireland, nurturing a unified and informed society.

Your generous support will facilitate these vibrant exhibitions, which showcase enriching displays featuring A1 posters, bespoke banners depicting significant Islamic landmarks, and a variety of cultural artifacts and activities. Each visitor is welcomed with a gift bag, encouraging a continual learning experience.

By donating, you help us continue offering these exhibitions free of charge, expanding our reach and impact. Together, we can host more exhibitions and gift more visitor packs, which include informative literature and special gift items.

Join us in fostering a community of understanding and respect. Make a donation today and contribute to a society that stands tall, united in knowledge and compassion.

Your support makes the right education available for everyone.

Support us in working towards a passionate and peaceful community.

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Visitors to our exhibitions & Islam awareness weeks
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YouTube views of our cartoons cover the religious education syllabus


Let the teachers have their say!
1Sarah Hayes - The Boswells School - Chelmsford

Thank you so much for the presentation this morning. It was superb and we will be in touch to have you in again in the near future.

2Sue Halliwell - St. Michal's C of E (VA) Primary School - Hertfordshire

Year 5 found your visit very interesting and really enjoyed finding out how to write their names in Arabic.

3Daniel Ryan - NET Academies Trust - Buckinghamshire

Personally, myself the other teachers and the pupils really enjoyed the morning and many children commented on the way back just how much they learned. Even the parents who came with us said that their eyes had been opened as they learned things about Islam that they didn’t know before.
I know that doesn’t give you any ways to improve, but I really think it was a very well organised visit.

1Kirsty Packham - Ocklands Primary School - London

Thank you so much for welcoming the children yesterday. They had a great time and seemed to learn a lot, as did Year 1 when they visited last term.

2Madeleine Miller - St Paul's School - London

Thank you so much for your hospitality yesterday. We had an excellent time and the boys really enjoyed their visit. I look forward to seeing you with another group next year.

3Amy Goodridge - Brackenbury Primary School London

Excellent, thanks you very much. It was very informative and it was great to see the praying session. The children really enjoyed it and learned a lot.


At Discover Islam, we want to make a difference by educating people about the true message of Islam and promoting a better understanding of the religion & clear misconceptions.

We are on the leading organizations working towards promoting a better understanding of Islam hire our new informative creative and thought-provoking exhibition comprising beautifully design posters bespoke banners and artefacts.

Simply fill out the above short form, let us know what services you like to book and you are done. We will get back to you asap.

Frequently Asked Questions

1What is a school visit?

As a part of the school religious education syllabus, we organise mosque tours, exhibitions, presentations and question and answer sessions. Throughout the country, we have had thousands of students benefit from our resources and tours. Each session can have between 27-600 students who can benefit from our presentations.

2Donate options for School?

1 School Visit £50
5 School Visit £250

10+ (they should be able to write the no of visits they would like to donate for & that figure then gets multiplied with £50)

3School Pack contains?

5 Pillars / Prophet's DVD
Religious education syllabus specific to Islam
Presentation pack
Activity booklet

1 school pack £50
5 school packs £250
10 school packs £500


5 x Holy Quran is £10
5 x Pictorial guide on the life of Prophet Muhammad £20
5 x Pictorial guide on the life of Prophet Muhammad £20