Guide to Ramadan

1. What is Ramadan?

Ramadan is the 9th month of the Islamic calendar. Muslims fast in this month to fulfill God (Allah's) command. It is a time of spiritual reflection, devotion and connection with God (Allah), family and community Muslims also believe Holy Quran (holy book for Muslims) was revealed in the month of Ramadan

2. Why Do Muslims fast?

To obtain greater GOD Consciousness by following GOD's (Allah in Arabic) command. To remember the poor & needy who can't easily access food and water.
To practise Self-control Dates.
To Cleanse the body, mind & spirit.

3. When is Ramadan?

The cates change annually as they are determined by the sighting of a new moon. For 2020, it's expected to begin from April

4. Do All Muslims fast during Ramadan?

Only those who are able to will fast. Compulsory for adults. The sick, elderly. young children, pregnant/lactating women and others are exempt from fasting.

5. What do observers do?

Refrain from eating, drinking (even water) or been intimate from sunrise to sunset. Wake up early before sunrise for early breakfast). Celebrate breaking of fast at sunset with family & friends. Give money, food & time to charity.

6. General Greetings + Ramadan

Assalam o alikum Peace & Blessings be upon you Ramadan Mubarak Blessed Ramadan
• Kulla aam wa antum fee khair May each year pass and you be well Ramadan Kareem

7. Celebration around the world

Some regions signal the sunrise and sunset by firing a cangon At the time of breaking fast, Azaan (Call to Playa, is called. Children in Egypt are given fanus (decorative lanterns) in the evening for walks with family and friends. ?

8. Do non-Muslims celebrate?

Yes, Iftar (breaking fast) events are set up as a way to bring the community together. In United Kingdom, every year, many mosques take part in 'The Big Date campaign. They visit the local mosques, join in breaking of fast & see Muslims offer sunset prayers ne does not need to fast to attend the gathering

9. Did you know?

-Muslims believe in worshipping ONE God knowing as Allah in arabic
-A Muslim has to look after his neighbour. -Good ettiquetts are part of belief in God (Allah).
Muslims believe in all the prophets from Adam, Noah, Jacob, Jonah,john the baptis, Moses, Jesus & Muhammad peace be upon them all

10. When Ramadan Ends, Eid-ul-Fitr begins

Eid ul-Fits is the celebratory day after the month of Ramadan ends. Muslims would have a special prayer in the morning, Eat sweets, special food, Visit family and friends, Decorate Homes, Donate money and give gifts.