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Cartoon Series – What is Islam?​

What is Islam… how is it pronounced and what does the word mean? The team discusses the term Islam.

Cartoon Series – 5 Pillars of Islam?​

Yusuf is delivering a presentation on the topic ‘5 Pillars of Islam.

Cartoon Series – Why Did God Send Prophets?

Yusuf Talks about ‘Why did Allah send Prophets? What do Muslims believe about it.


A brief about what is learnt from the exhibition. Visitors positive experience about learning about Islam.

Gift pack series

A short clip on sharing gifts, sharing the best you have with others. We should not be shy to speak about Allah.

Cartoon Series – What is Islam?​

Imam Wasim Kempson talks about Prophet Eesa (Jesus) and Prophet Musa (MOSES) peace be upon them